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Most of you know that I have participated in the CowaLUNGa Bike Tour every year since 2010 with the exception of that silly year we moved back to California for a few months. I started in 2010, when I rode just the first day, at the urging of one of the partners at the firm where I was working at the time. What started as an attempt to impress a partner, turned into an obsession not only with the ride, but with the organization is benefits. If you're at all interested in seeing what this CowaLUNGa thing is all about, here is a collection of some photos from my first eight years as a rider.

If you would like to learn more about CowaLUNGa, or would like to donate to support my fundraising for my next CowaLUNGa ride, please click the link below:


To follow along with my adventures during my ride (the first Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in August), check out my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/snarkypez/

2010 - My very first ride.

2010 - Another shot from day 1, the only day I rode that year.

2010 - Lunch break with Mark, the guy who talked me into riding in the first place.

2010 - One last shot from the route.

2010 - SAG wagons at the day 1 finish line on Lake Geneva.

2010 - 1-day riders getting ready to go home, multi-day riders getting moved in to their cabins for the night.

2011 - My team that year, the Udder Cowhoonas, at the day 3 finish line.

2012 - Udder Cowhoonas team photo at the Gurnee Mills starting line on day 1. This was the first year Sue and Lizzy got involved.

2012 - This is the year I pulled Lizzy for the first 18 miles, where I left her and Sue and went on to finish all three days.

2012 - Helmet-cam shot from day 3, pulling in for lunch at the Wholly Cow.

2014 - Yep, I missed 2013 because we moved back to California for half the year. This was my last year on the Udder Cowhoonas.

2014 - Waiting out the storm under the shelter of the day 3 afternoon rest stop.

2014 - View from the cabins at the end of day 1.

2014 - The stuffed beaver at the pizza place we stop at for lunch on day 1.

2015 - My first year as a member of Team Speed Racer.

2015 - Getting my 5-year trophy during the day 2 ceremony at UW-Whitewater.

2015 - Sitting at the day 3 finish line with Sue and Lizzy, who had begun volunteering at the afternoon rest stops.

2016 - Team Speed Racer at the starting line.

2016 - Riding with my future fellow board member, Dan Lavin, after breaking off from the rest of my team (I was cramping hard this year).

2016 - One of the highlights of day 2 is the flowing well about 4 miles from the finish line. Nothing like dunking your head under ice-cold water after almost 70 miles on a bike in early August.

2016 - Sue and Lizzy, volunteering at the afternoon rest stops.

2017 - My third year with Teem Speed Racer, and my seventh Cow overall.

2017 - By this time, I'd gone from a kid trying to impress a partner at his law firm (see picture with Mark above) to actually being really involved with the RHA and trusted to hold a microphone in front of a group of people at the day 2 ceremonies at UW-Whitewater.

2017 - Day 3 morning rest stop, posing with friends and fellow RHA riders/climbers/volunteers (it's one big happy family).

2017 - Day 3 finish line.

2018 - Gurnee mills starting line with Team Speed Racer.

2018 - Getting an unscheduled break, courtesy of a nice, long, freight train.

2018 - Day 2 morning rest stop, posing with friends and fellow RHA riders/climbers/volunteers (did I mention it's one big happy family).

2018 - Day 2 afternoon rest stop, posing with my actual family.

2018 - Sue and Lizzy getting their 5-year trophies (one year as riders, four years as volunteers).

2018 - The annual day 2 party at UW-Whitewater. Here, Lizzy gets some pointers from Team Speed Racer Uncle Ed.

2018 - Fellow Team Speed Racers, John and Ed, along with Sue and Lizzy, showing off their 15, 10, and 5-year trophies.