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I've been involved with the Respiratory Health Association in one way or another since 2010. The RHA's mission is near and dear to my heart primarily because of their work to end the scourge of tobacco-related lung cancer. My grandmother, a life-long smoker, died from lung cancer when I was a freshman in high school. She wasn't even out of her sixties. My latest connection to the RHA's mission is my daughter Lizzy, who was recently diagnosed with (thankfully) mild asthma.

It frustrates me to no end when I see our elected "leaders" caving to the money thrown at them by big tobacco and the fossil-fuel lobbies, so being a part of the RHA as they fight back, makes me feel like I'm actually doing something.

In addition to riding CowaLUNGa (for which I've created a separate page HERE), climbing the Hancock building in Hustle Chicago, and being on the host committee for the Chill Wine & Culinary Event - I was elected to the RHA's board of directors in 2017. Below are a few photos from my family's time with the RHA - it really has become a family affair - and as a family we've raised well over $10,000 over the past decade to support the RHA. I would definitely appreciate your support as well.

Attending the RHA Board retreat in April of 2019.

Delivering a banner to the EPA.

Participating in the 2018 Hustle up the Hancock (now, Hustle Chicago).

Receiving the Making a Difference Award for my fundraising and advocacy as a CowaLUNGa participant.

Attending an environmental rally in 2017.

Lizzy, after she received the Junior Advocate Award in 2018.

That's me, holding a sign all about me, just before giving a speech at the Hustle VIP night.

Cheering on the Lung Power Team members from the RHA's tent on Charity Mile during the Chicago Marathon.

Attending the pasta dinner for the Lung Power Team runners - of which Susie is one.

Presenting Mayor Chirico with a Making a Difference Award for Naperville's passage of a Tobacco 21 law.

Attending the RHA's summer reception.

Traveling to Springfield to speak with our legislators about Tobacco 21 - a law we would eventually get passed statewide!

The whole family, just after finishing the 2019 Hustle Chicago.

A collage of photos from our Springfield trip with the RHA.